Learning with my needle

Reproduction of an embroidered orphrey worked by Dr. Jessica Grimm

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A talk by Dr. Jessica Grimm

After seeing the original in a 2015 exhibition, Dr. Grimm set out to recreate a medieval goldwork orphrey from the Netherlands. Freshly out of the Royal School of Needlework, her focus then was on technical skills, not historically-appropriate materials. Since then, she has recreated (parts of) more medieval embroideries, from 11th century goldwork seen on the imperial vestments from Bamberg to early 14th century bead embroidery in the Czech Republic. Dr. Grimm is currently involved in Dr Katrin Kania’s project on the recreation of membrane gold threads. Although these threads were once widely made, modern recreation of them is a real challenge. The current goal of this project is to develop a stitch-able reconstructed thread. This talk will present an overview of Dr. Grimm’s embroidered reconstructions with special attention to materials used and lessons learned about medieval embroidery practices.

Dr. Grimm has a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Groningen and a diploma from the Royal School of Needlework. She teaches historical embroidery techniques, focusing on goldwork, and her own historically inspired work has won multiple awards.