Chat: Recycled Textiles and the 16th Century English Parish Church

Pockthorpe Cope, 15th Century with later reworking, Norwich Castle Museum NWHCM : L1947.146

Online via Zoom

with Emma Slocombe and James Clark

Textiles Transmissions is a research project between the University of Exeter and the National Trust exploring the recovery, recycling and reinvention of church vestments through the social networks of the English Reformation. Following a paper at the 2022 MEDATS annual conference introducing the project and its focus on the collections of Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, Emma and James are back with an update. This lecture will focus on the broader context of recycling practice throughout the period of the English reformations and explore the legacy of surviving late medieval textiles in the English Parish Church.

Emma Slocombe is a Senior National Curator at the National Trust specialising in Dress and Textiles. She has written about the embroidery and needlework of Bess of Hardwick. James Clark is Professor of History at the University of Exeter and a medieval historian specialising in cultural, intellectual and religious life between the Black Death and the Break with Rome. They are currently collaborating on a project exploring the recovery, recycling and reinvention of church vestments at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire.

The chat is free for members to attend, but pre-registration is required. A link to register was emailed to members on 7 February.