Chat: Household Textiles in the Helmingham Hall Inventory of 1597

Online via Zoom

Image: A stool from the Metropolitan Museum of Art similar to some in the inventory: “3 lowe joyned stooles, seated with needle work, whereof 2 are wrought with oaking leaves & the other one with pease flowers.”

Sunday 5 February 2023, 4pm London time

The Helmingham Hall inventory of 1597 is very detailed, running from overworn sheets, through new oyster towels, to chairs backed with turkey work incorporating a coat of arms, and even a “little cushen [of] cloth of gold.” As well as the specifics of what is in the house, the Chat will also look at the social hierarchy of the sort of textiles that individuals used. The house also had a drying room, where many of the linens were stored.

Pat is an independent researcher and retired academic librarian with an interest in late medieval and early modern clothing and textiles. She has an MA in Early Modern English History. She edits the MEDATS Newsletter and has published several articles in peer reviewed journals. She is currently working on producing a database of clothing in seventeenth century wills and inventories for a future publication by The Tudor Tailor group.

This talk is free for MEDATS Members to attend, but pre-registration is required. A link to register was send to members on 20 January.

Due to copyright restrictions on some of the images that will be shared, this talk will not be recorded.