Call for Papers: Fabric and Food, Food and Fabric

Bayeux Tapestry Scene 43: Bishop Odo blesses the first banquet that Duke William and the Norman Barons hold on English soil. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Conference online Sunday, 21 April, 2024

Call for Papers Deadline Extended: 4 February, 2024

Tables, like bodies, are often not considered “ready” until they are covered in fabric. The association between food and cloth is ancient and contemporary. Napery and knives worked together to create the elite dining experience. Food processing depended upon fabrics as production and storage tools, and some foodstuffs (i.e. flax, hemp, nettles, and sheep) also produced textile and leather raw materials. This interaction serves and depends upon both technology and the senses.

MEDATS’ next online conference “Fabric and Food, Food and Fabric” will be held Sunday afternoon, 21 April 2024. We welcome papers on medieval textiles relating to the culture of preparing and presenting food. Proposals for 20 minute papers will be due 21 January, 2024. The program will be virtual and we encourage speakers of both academic and non-academic backgrounds to propose.

Please submit your paper specifics in the paper submission form for Fabrics & Food, Food & Fabrics virtual conference.