Getting Your Work Published

A roundtable discussion with Dr Gale Owen Crocker, Pat Poppy and Ninya Mikhaila

Have you scoured your library but not yet seen books on your favourite place or materials? Have your colleagues and friends asked you for your presentation and all you have is some scribbles on a napkin? Does that poorly written article that has become canon continue to drive you crazy, despite years of detailed research you’ve done to prove it wrong? Have you ever wondered what the process is to get your research published? If so, this is for you.

Join us for a discussion of the process of publishing your research. We will discuss the proposal process, share cautionary tales, and offer an outline to the typical approval and peer review process. We will also discuss the pros and cons of different publications, such as scholarly journals and presses, popular nonfiction, blogs, and vlogs. There will be a short period open for questions from the audience. We recommend you submit questions in advance using this form: